The Saga of Spoloq

Beehive Cluster, Security Station B

All-points bulletin!


From: Fleet Command




The Feldarian Spoloq, by Galactic Fleet Command for crimes against sapients, including incitation of war and civil unrest at the planetary level. Suspect is 4.7 standard units tall, tawny, with dark chocolate patternings. Considered to be unarmed and highly dangerous. Known to be traveling alone in an old model Brivat space yacht, broadcasting on gamma 2.3 as a standard merchant. Frequents trade routes near first- and early-contact civilizations. 


If you see Spoloq, alert your nearest law enforcement authorities. Do not engage, especially in conversation.

Sr. Lugistani Salvi

Chair, Criminal Division

First Contact Project


I have been warned of Spoloq, one of the most dangerous intelligent beings in the galaxy. His menace does not come from strength of arms, nor fleets commanded. He arrives on a planet alone, in an insignificant ship. His body is small, just a few kilograms covered in soft downy … stuff, something halfway between feather and fur. His identity pattern, his k’laq, is as intricate as lacework.


Although he is bipedal, there is something feline about the way he slinks around, his eyes glinting in apparent indifference to just about everything. He feeds only on conflict. I don’t mean he doesn’t eat—his diet is typical omnivore stuff: small rodents, insects, fruits. But he feeds only on worlds torn apart by fears and destroyed dreams. His body count is in the billions.


In service,

D. Kinor

Sr. Lugistani Salvi

Chair, Criminal Division

First Contact Project


Spoloq likes to arrive on newly contacted planets. He really likes to make first contact himself. When he arrives, he feigns ignorance of the languages. In reality, he is already fluent, having combed through their electromagnetic spillover. While the inhabitants work on their grand goal of interspecies communication, Spoloq is ruthlessly assessing their fears and hopes.


Then he tells them about the galaxy.


His lies are carefully calculated. If they are proud and fearful of conquest, he is a refugee from hordes slaughtering all who do not capitulate. If they are hopeful for better lives, he offers unbelievable technology at unbearable cost. If they want to join a Galactic community, he is the last survivor of a lifeless starscape. He is subtle; he is vicious. Within half a cycle, the planet is at war with itself.


In service,

D. Kinor

Mgr. Saderne Dhat

3179 Clantal Way

Luth’ara, Jusmane

Beehive Cluster Section D


Dear Dad,


I’m about to hit it big! I apprehended Spoloq! Well, I’ve got his ship at least. I tracked a Brivat matching the description. One EM pulse to the phase dampeners, and it’s adrift. 

I’m going over now with an emergency airlock kit and a plasma torch. If I wait for back up, they’ll take the glory right out from under my nose. 


Please don’t worry about me. I’m wearing a vac suit for amoebaoids. It’s a bit awkward, but it fits. If he doesn’t know what language I speak, his words can have no effect on me. And without words, he’s basically just a fluff ball.


Finally, they’ll have no choice but to promote me. 


Gotta run!




Duraq Dhat

Grade Q Regional Security Officer

Beehive Cluster, Security Station B


My dear Duraq,


I know by the time you get this missive, your encounter with Spoloq will be over. But I cannot help myself. Please do not try to capture him alone. I love you despite your rank. You have nothing more to try to prove to us.


And though we won’t see her again, I know your mother loves you, too, just the way you are. She will be worried sick about you, when this news reaches her in 80 cycles.


Please, my dear. Don’t do this alone.





Beehive Gazette



Spoloq has been captured by Duraq Dhat, Regional Security Officer Grade Q. “Dhat’s bravery shows the caliber of our corps under my leadership. Even our lowest grade officers are more than a match for the most dangerous criminals,” said Beehive Commander Kalan Hokal. “Dhat’s concealment of her species type to neutralize Spoloq’s cunning may seem brilliant to you, but to us, it’s just the expected outcome of my innovations in training protocols.”


The notorious Feldarian is being held in a soundproof cell on Hutefar, capital of Beehive District C, awaiting trial by the Galactic Court, which arrives planetside in 2 qoftas.


Beehive Gazette



 On the last day of Spoloq’s trial, our reporter, embedded in the protesting throngs outside the Hutefar Justice Complex, sent this message:


Controlled impact on west end of Justice Complex by Security warship. Courtroom opened like tin can. Orange glow of plasma rifle fire visible through acrid smoke. Warship still functional, fully armed, now taking off, headed for communications center. Protestors and counter-protestors surging towards Complex. Must transmit now.

This remains the last communication from Hutefar. Planetary defenses have repelled all attempts by relief vessels to land. The fate of the Galactic Court is unknown.

Saderne Dhat

Beehive Refugee Camp 91B




I am, finally, commander. And not of a mere security force, but the victorious army of the Beehive Freedom Coalition. Aren’t you proud?

Once we deal with Commander Hokal, I’m going after Mom. We can catch her up if we liberate the Dugarians’ newest drive technology. Spoloq has done the intercept calculations himself.


She always loved me better anyways.



Commander Duraq Dhat

Beehive Freedom Coalition

Dear [Recipient of postcards],


Your planet is beautiful—rich in water, flora, fauna, majestic sights. You may not realize how lucky you are to be an inhabitant of such a verdant place. Trust me, most citizens of the galaxy—there are a lot of them!—would be envious were they to discover what you enjoy.


Despite your amazing luck, your governments and corporations have made grievous errors. My research suggests you are aware of these errors and committed to changing them. Due to my position as director of the Galactic Council on Development, I can help you make the world the way you know it should be. Through technological and cultural innovation, we can preserve the sanctity of Earth and all its people.


I have occasion to be in your neighborhood next month. Let’s meet to discuss how we can right the course of history. I’ll look you up when I arrive.


Yours sincerely,

Spoloq of Feldar